Students looking over a village on a service trip.

Center for Social Impact

Be a Changemaker.

As part of its strategic plan to educate students for “action and leadership in a complex world,” North Central College launched the Center for Social Impact in 2018 to develop the next generation of changemakers. The Center for Social Impact accomplishes its work through 5 key pathways: Service, Civic Engagement, Advocacy, Social Entrepreneurship, and Scholarship. These pathways inform the types of events we host, the initiatives we foster, and the student organizations we support. The Center exists as a place for any student interested in making an impact to come and be supported and empowered. With supporting resources like the ARC, our dialogue facilitation training, and various other workshops, students are able to practice social innovation, advocacy, and leadership development that will set them up for success in their classes and beyond.

Pathways to Social Impact

Explore all the ways you can make a difference through one or more of our five Pathways to Social Impact. Each pathway provides unique learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, immersion experiences, student organization activities, leadership opportunities and even funding sources.

Students and faculty posing on stage at the Changemaker Challenge.

Changemaker Challenge

A social venture pitch competition where students can win seed funding and mentoring to launch a business, non-profit or project.

CHIRP: Dialogue Training Program

The Center for Social Impact and the Office of Multicultural Affairs have worked together to create a North Central College dialogue training to assist in facilitating constructive conversations in hopes of promoting understanding among divisive topics. We offer the training upon request, in classes, workshops, while also utilizing these methods through our Anti-Racism/Ally Training to spotlight dialogue as an empowering tool for Advocacy and Activism. 

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