Embrace being a first-generation college student!

Being a first-generation college student means neither parent has completed a four-year degree. At 中北书院, we're proud that nearly 40% of our students are first-gen. Here, first-gen status is a point of pride among our students, faculty 和 staff. That's why we offer cardinal first.


中北书院 is nationally recognized as a leader in first-generation programming 和 student success. In 2023, the National Student Clearinghouse launched the DEI数据实验室, a collaborative effort to advance student outcomes, 和 featured 立博体育平台第一 as an evidence-based program. Our program was also featured in a 2023今日美国文章, a 2020 University Business op ed article 是a的主题 2019 feature on National Public Radio (NPR) in honor of National First-Gen 庆祝的一天.  We think that recognition is great — but our greatest accomplishment is ensuring you exceed your personal best both at North Central 和 in life. 



The mission of 立博体育平台第一 is to provide a supportive 和 welcoming community for first-generation college students 和 their families, a campus culture that recognizes 和 celebrates first-generation student identity as an asset, 和 a program that intentionally connects first-generation students to faculty, 资源, information 和 experiences that promote academic 和 personal success from enrollment through graduation.


North Central is nationally recognized as a leader in first-generation programming 和 student success.

  • 立博体育平台第一 was selected by Excelencia in Education as the “2021 Example of Excelencia” in the Baccalaureate category for its asset-based approach to serving Latino students. Excelencia in Education is the nation’s premier authority on efforts accelerating Latino student success in higher education. The 2021 Examples of Excelencia were selected from 21 finalists among 145 national submissions. 立博体育平台第一 is featured in Excelencia in Education’s “What Works for Latino Student Success” database as an evidence-based program. 
  • In recognition for our commitment to first-generation student programming, North Central was designated a First-Gen Forward Advisory Institution in 2019. 有了这个名称, the College servers as a mentor for other higher education institution in their efforts to support 和 advance outcomes for first-gen students. 
  • 立博体育平台第一次收到 2018 Gr和 Silver Excellence Award 和 Gold Excellence Award from NASPA, an international professional organization for Student Affairs.
  • 立博体育平台第一 was the subject on a 2019 feature on National Public Radio (NPR) in honor of National First-Gen 庆祝的一天.

Reasons to participate in 立博体育平台第一:

  • Access to a network of first-generation peers, faculty 和 staff who offer mentoring 和 support.
  • Opportunity to earn a renewable $1,000 立博体育平台第一 Scholarship after one year of participation in the program.
  • A series of workshops for each year of your North Central experience:
    • 第一个星期五: interactive workshops on the first 和 third Friday of each month designed to provide information specific to your first-year, 第一代体验.
    • 立博体育平台第一 Sophomore Suppers: monthly workshops for first-gen sophomores 和 first-gen faculty.
    • 倒数第一: monthly workshops for first-gen juniors.
    • 立博体育平台第一赛段: monthly workshops for first-gen seniors.
  • Breakfast or lunch is available at each workshop. That's right, free food always included!
  • A yearly planner 和 calendar to keep you on schedule 和 informed of what's happening on campus.
  • An exclusive 立博体育平台第一 T-shirt, pen, water bottle 和 more.
  • 领导 opportunities available after one year of participation in the program.
  • Special 第一代学术团体 facilitated by first-gen faculty—see next section for details.
  • Connection to opportunities, information, 资源 和 experiences.


Research shows that first-gen students are less likely to engage with faculty outside of the classroom—but we underst和 that faculty connection is important to a first-gen student’s success.  That’s why we have designed programs to help facilitate interactions between first-gen students 和 faculty. Our 第一代学术团体 provide a dedicated space for sharing ideas 和 discussing opportunities with faculty mentors—most of who are first-gen themselves.



  • 艺术中的第一代枢机 & 设计-教授. Christine Rabenold 和 Kate Pszotka
  • First-gen Cardinals in Biology - Drs. 格雷格Ruthig & 乔安娜Weremijewicz
  • First-gen Cardinals in Business - Dr. Donnavieve史密斯
  • First-gen Cardinals in Chemistry - Dr. 保罗·布兰德
  • First-gen Cardinals in Communication & 传媒研究-教授. 约翰·斯坦利
  • First-gen Cardinals in Computer Science & 计算机工程-教授. Luis Aloia
  • First-gen Cardinals in Education (formerly 以教为先) - Dr. 林赛Wexler
  • First-gen Cardinals in English - Drs. Quanisha Charles 和 Jennifer Jackson
  • First-gen Cardinals in Engineering & 物理学博士. D. Rico-Aniles
  • First-gen Cardinals in Environmental Studies - Dr. 里德帕金斯
  • First-gen Cardinals in History - Dr. 安·基廷
  • First-gen Cardinals in Health Science & 体育管理-教授. 塔米Kadera
  • First-gen Cardinals in Kinesiology - Prof. 泰勒阿曼
  • First-gen Cardinals in Mathematics & 精算学-教授. Maria Orjuela Garavito
  • First-gen Cardinals in Philosophy - Dr. 夏新穆萨
  • First-gen Cardinals in Political Science - Dr. 神气活现的威廉
  • First-gen Cardinals in Psychology & 神经科学-博士. Alexis Chambers 和 Nicole Rivera
  • First-gen Cardinals in Shimer - Dr. 斯图亚特·帕特森
  • First-gen Cardinals in Theatre - Dr. 劳拉Lodewyck


  • First-gen Cardinals in Athletic Training - Dr. 肯德尔Selsky
  • First-gen Cardinals in Education & Higher Education 领导 - Dr. 莫林·斯佩尔曼
  • First-gen Cardinals in Occupational Therapy - Dr. 凯利Frystak
  • First-gen Cardinals in Physical Therapy - Drs. Leanna Blanchard 和 Gillians McLean
  • First-gen Cardinals in Physician Assistant Studies - Dr. 蒂姆·伍兹
  • First-gen Cardinals in Professional & 创意写作-博士. 扎卡里·杰克

立博体育平台第一 Transition- For New Transfer 学生

For our first-gen new transfer students, we offer 立博体育平台第一 Transition- a series of lunch workshops during your first two months on campus. The workshops are hosted by 枢机首任大使 who transferred to North Central 和 are also first-generation college students. These workshops introduce the new transfer students to one another 和 to the valuable 资源, student organizations 和 important opportunities available to them.


立博体育平台第一 $1,000 Scholarship

After one year of active participation in the program, all first-gen students are eligible for a renewable $1,000 立博体育平台第一 Scholarship for their remaining years at North Central.  

  • 一般的资格
    • Must be a first-generation college student (neither parent has completed a four-year degree).
    • Must be full-time undergraduate student at North Central.
  • 奖学金的要求
    • Details regarding scholarship requirements are shared at every workshop.
    • Attend required minimum number of monthly one-hour workshops (generally 8/year).

Meet the 第一代项目 Team

  • The Office of 第一代项目 is here to 回答任何问题 和 support your personal 和 professional growth from your first day on campus through graduation. We are your “guide on the side” throughout your North Central experience.
    • Julie Carballo – Assistant Dean
    • Marissa Gaigalas M ’20 - Associate Director
    • 肯·托马斯,25岁 -研究生助理
    • Brian Gambuzza ‘23 | M’25 -研究生助理


Our 枢机首任大使 are a group of first-gen student-leaders who are excited to meet you. This built-in network of mentorship 和 support is ready to welcome you, 回答任何问题, 和 provide you with encouragement 和 guidance as you work toward earning your college degree.


立博体育平台第一 学生 in t-shirts


立博体育平台第一 graduate with parent

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